Summer Preschool Session 2023

Enrollment is now open for children ages 2.5-6 years for Wave’s summer session! This summer will be packed with hands-on projects designed to strengthen skills in math, science, reading, writing, art, and self-care. Students will learn about our natural world through the subjects of insects, dinosaurs, oceanic creatures, and bodies of water. Wave’s outdoor based program provides the ideal setting for immersive ecology education, with a garden that is sure to train a “green thumb”, and daily walks to the beach and woods!

Insect Investigations

  • June 21-30: Mason Bees
  • July 3-7: Lady Bugs
  • July 10-14: Butterflies


  • Science: Insect shapes, Insect habitats, Aerodynamics, Climate Change.
  • Math: Sequencing, counting, different/same.
  • Health: Emotions (Anger).
  • Artist: Eric Carle.
  • Letters: I, L, B.  
  • Books: Grouchy Ladybug, Hungry Caterpillar, and more.
  • Drama & Music: Grouchy Ladybug.


  • July 17-14: T-Rex & other carnivorous dinosaurs.
  • July 24-28: Stegosaurus & other herbivorous dinosaurs.


  • Science: Paleontology, Dino Habitat, climate change.
  • Math: Counting, sequencing, different/same, measuring, comparing.  
  • Health: Emotions (strong/loud).
  • Artist: TBA.
  • Letters: T, S, M.
  • Books: Non fiction dino-books and other fiction.
  • Drama & Music: Five Little Dinosaurs, We are the dinosaurs.

Wonderful Water

  • July 31-Aug 5: Ocean.
  • Aug 7-11: Rivers/Waterfalls.
  • Aug 14-18:¬†Polar Ice.


  • Science: Animal habitat, climate change, water properties, cause and effect.
  • Math: Estimation, sequencing, counting, measuring.
  • Health: Water in our body/importance of water to our bodies. 
  • Artist: TBA.
  • Letters: O, R, P.
  • Books: Swimmy, Rainbow Fish, Polar Bear Polar Bear, and more.
  • Drama & Music: Polar Bear Polar Bear What do you see.

We will break August 21-28 and begin Fall session August 29th 2023.